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While the rest of the world is playing catch up to Diversity and Inclusion, Houston has paved the way in creating a diverse and enriched culture. Houston is known for its culinary excellence, south coast swagger, and cultivating top “A- List” celebrities and artists.

Greater Houston is the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the United States. At least 145 languages are spoken by city residents, and 90 nations have consular representation in the city.


Houston is the Fourth largest city in the nation, and is the largest in the South, and largest in Texas. Houston is expected to become third largest in the late 2020’s. We are known as the Third Coast, Bayou City, H-Town, The H, and many other names that our subcultures have created. 

OUR Cuisine

Houston has one of the worlds most diverse and extravagant food scenes. Everything from chicken fried steak, bbq brisket, to tortillas and Vietnamese pho. It has been said, that one can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different restaurant every day for a year, and not visit the same restaurant once. 

Our Work

We have worked and supported many projects in town with equipment, production, and post production. Orlando Briones is cinematographer who works in narrative, commercial, documentary and short form. 

Orlando has been commissioned as Director of Photography to work with and for brands such as Verizon, Sprint, Samsung, Jordan, Adidas, Honda, Dos Equis, Discovery, Netflix, and many more.


Filmatic/Film in Houston was created and is operated by Orlando Briones, a cinematographer based in his hometown of Houston, Texas, and Christian Briones, a writer/director.  They were born and raised in Acres Homes, in the Northside of Houston. 

orlandobriones@gmail.com | 832.272.8049 | Based in Houston, TX